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🌲 Midwinter for IPS 4.7

Midwinter is a premium quality, modern and fully responsive theme in winter season natural earth tones. Available for IPS Invision Community 4.7 series.

Renamed Midwinter after January and Christmas Midwinter nearer Christmas, it's a nice change from the traditional festive that can also be used all year round by simply switching off the Christmas-related features.

Fast and lightweight, fully customisable, it uses modern techniques and supports WebP and SVG images.

Features include full-screen and full-width hero header modes, the ability to custom upload hero header images, choose from included royalty-free header images, a countdown feature (which can be easily changed) and much more.

This theme comes with Midwinter FX including beautiful drifting snow particles, multi-coloured Christmas lights, frosty hover effects, color gradient text logo and an optional strapline, scroll back up to top/down to content UI buttons with selectable colours, icons and animation.
All customisable, all easy to toggle on or off, so the theme can be used all year round!

Midwinter is also perfect for forums based around cold climates, winter sports, outdoors, arts and crafts, nature and outdoor-based communities and websites.

Available now for IPS4.7  Invision Communities!



Midwinter - Featured Highlights

🌲 Latest Updates

  • Customisable Christmas Lights: built-in twinkling lights to add a splash of festive color! Optionally change the color of the wiring and lamp holders, light color modes (traditional colors or modern) and toggle to switch on/off. Users who prefer reduced animation via their OS will see static colors.
  • More Fallen Snow drift accumulations are scattered throughout the theme. Options allow you to add or remove to suit.
  • New Google Font Selector: Select from a list of up to 80 specially curated seasonal and modern Google Fonts to use as headlines, headings, body text and titles.
  • Responsive Hero Images: Additional more royalty-free hero background images to choose from. Added small, medium and large-sized versions of each, automatically used for phones and tablets. Or add your own.
  • New Header Overlays. Choice of 5 transparent overlay images (royalty-free) that are shown on top of the hero header image so that you can add ice, snowflakes etc to your header image without photo editing!
  • New Winter Graphics: Winter-themed graphics in post backgrounds.
  • Various general improvements throughout to styling, performance and updated grey/blue background (was previously white) appearance.

🎄Flexible Choice of Hero Header Modes

Midwinter features flexible header modes so you can also tweak the minimum height of the background image and positioning of the site title, user menu and an optional strap-line or slogan to suit.

For example, you could toggle on a site-wide, full viewport hero image (meaning the image occupies the full width and height of the user’s screen, perfect for attractive quality images), or opt instead to limit the large size to your default app's main/home page (whether it be set to Forums, Gallery etc) with a smaller-sized hero throughout the rest of your community.



(above) Tablet portrait view with an optional image overlay enabled showing a snowflake border on top of the selected header background image



🌲 Royalty-free or Custom Hero Background Images

Midwinter comes with a small number of royalty-free seasonal header backgrounds curated from Unsplash to get you started. Or you can upload your own custom background image.

You can also upload 3 images in varying sizes to show on different-sized devices intended for mobile phones, tablets and desktops to aid page speed core vitals.

The theme will cover the chosen header area with the relevant image. You can also adjust the height of the image and positioning of the site title and optional strapline.





🌲 Color Gradient Site Titles

Easily create HTML-based, SEO-friendly text-based logos and optional strap lines without the need to edit Photoshop .psd image files. Or turn off and use a logo image and just keep the optional strap line message.


(above) Midwinter theme's header layout using a tablet, with site title and strapline slogan enabled. Here the Christmas lights and Scroll Down UI button are activated but the optional countdown is deactivated.


Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Site-Titles 2.webp

(above) Easily changeable, linear, radial, outline color stroke, drop shadows and opacity settings.


Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Site-Titles-2 2.webp Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Site-Titles-2.webp 

(above) Positioning controls for Midwinter theme's header layout


🌲 Midwinter Theme - Curated Google Fonts

Midwinter now comes with an expanded selection of Google Fonts to quickly choose from. We've added almost 80 festive and seasonal-inspired fonts in a variety of styles and some handwriting scripts, supplemented by a range of modern font pairings that you can set in seconds for use as your headings and titles and also for your body text font. You can still use the fonts listed in the Text tab if you prefer, but make sure to set them to Default if you want to switch back to Midwinter's fonts.


Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Google-Fonts-Selector 2.webp

(above and below) Choosing a Font from the Midwinter Fonts tab.




🌲 Scroll Back Up and Scroll Down To Content UI Buttons

Midwinter offers fully adjustable Scroll Up to Top and similar Scroll Down UI buttons with smooth scroll on most devices and browsers. Ideal for desktop devices where users can’t simply double tap the top of their device, or for when using large or full viewport hero headers to quickly jump to the main content. 
You can easily change the Font Awesome icon, color and size options through the AdminCP Theme Settings panels. Scroll Down now has an optional animation setting to further attract user awareness.

Designed to honour any OS accessibility preferences, for users who prefer reduced movement sensitivity. On devices with browsers that support Smooth Scroll, the page will smoothly scroll and speed up and down when the buttons are used. (iPadOS users with older versions of Safari can enable Smooth Scroll support in their Safari advanced settings menu).


(Above) Scroll to Top Adjustment Settings


(Above) Scroll Down - Adjustment Settings


(Above) The Scroll Down UI Button


🌲 Midwinter FX  - Add Christmas Lights and Snow

Bring your site to life with Midwinter's special FX! Add pure CSS twinkling Christmas Lights, gently drifting falling particle snow, clumps of accumulated snow piles and configure a timely Christmas or New Year Countdown.


  Christmas-Midwinter-Settings.webp Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Main-2.webp

(above) Screenshots of Midwinter's FX settings tabs, where you can enable/disable or tweak the snow effects, Christmas lights, countdown etc. If you want less snow, you can simply switch off where it appears throughout your community site.



(above) Snow piles enabled on a sidebar widget


 Midwinter FX - Countdown Feature


You can easily set or change the countdown time and date, the name of the countdown and the message that shows when it reaches the time...


Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown.webp  Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown-3.webp  Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown-7.webp  Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown-5.webp  


You can change the size and colour settings of the Countdown here too...

Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown-3.webp  Christmas-Midwinter-Settings-Countdown-6.webp





(above) Smoothly animated, candy cane-inspired progress bars, you can add up to 3 separate colors.


🌲Midwinter Theme - Advanced Settings

Midwinter has several advanced settings which offer more control over performance and functionality.




(above) Midwinter Advanced Settings - Featuring options to quickly theme the text editor (see below), normalize spacing between widgets and adjust quotes, spoilers and outline colors.



(above and below) Midwinter Advanced Settings - Featuring options to prefetch Stripe and CDN DNS, and preload third party cookie management scripts and Google fonts for improved performance...






🌲Moono Lisa CKEditor theme

Midwinter theme includes Moono Lisa, a third party theme or skin created for the CKEditor, pre-installed and ready to use. You can still use the default editor theme or other IPS-compatible CK Editor theme.
Moono Lisa has a modern, flat design and supports simple UIColor/Chameleon mode theming, which means it can blend in via the theme's new UI Editor color selector in the AdminCP.


(Above) The Moono Lisa CKEditor with a grey background. You can change the base color in the Settings.


🌲 Compatible with Invision Community Suite 4.7 and popular add-ons Pages SuperGrid & Chatbox Free

Midwinter supports the full self-hosted Invision Community suite including Forums, Commerce, Calendar, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, Clubs and Pages. 
This theme does not override the majority of IPS layouts or responsive design, making it easier to update whilst maintaining compatibility with your favourite third-party plugins like Chatbox from OnlyMe and OpenType’s Supergrid etc. You'll find some convenient settings to help you get the best out of these recommended plug-ins.


(above) Supergrid provides attractive Pages articles and database record templates, with Midwinter you can also set the article's background color at theme level, instead of site-wide.



(Above) The free and popular Chatbox plug-in is shown via a widget embedded within the Midwinter theme.



(Above) You can override Chatbox’s colors separately just for Midwinter theme, should you want to make any additional changes.



Midwinter theme - More layout examples dependent on the apps installed in your community:



(above) Midwinter theme - A forum topic view.





(above) Midwinter theme's member profile view.



(above) Midwinter theme's forum topic - Analytics and Statistics view.



(above) Midwinter theme - Gallery example



(above) Midwinter theme - portrait tablet view - Gallery example



(above) Midwinter theme - An example topic poll



(above) Midwinter theme - example Blog layout



(above) Midwinter theme - example Blog portrait layout





(above) Midwinter theme - example Commerce store layout



(above) Midwinter theme - Activity Stream view







What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


V1.20 Highlights: Patch 106173 - 18.12.23

  • New Performance option - Async Preload Hero Image?

Preloading the hero header background image is useful to reduce the impact of your LCP or Largest Content Paint and is a Page Speed Core Vitals recommendation. When enabled, the image you have selected or uploaded will be asynchronously fetched using the highest priority (browser dependent).

  • Improved CSS Christmas Lights performance on phones and tablets by limiting number of lights created based on width of device viewport.

V1.20 Highlights continued:

  • New Feature: Christmas Lights feature, built in twinkling lights to add a splash of festive color! Optionally change the color of the wiring and lamp holders, light color modes (traditional colors or modern) and switch on/off.
  • New Feature: Fallen Snow drift accumulations, scattered throughout the theme. Options allow you to add or remove to suit.
  • New Feature: Google Fonts chooser. Select from a list of 80 curated Google Fonts to use as headlines, headings, body text and titles.
  • New Feature: Additional royalty-free hero background images to choose from. Added small and medium and large sized versions of each, automatically used for phones and tablets.
  • New Feature: Header Overlays. Choice of 5 transparent overlay images (royalty-free) that are shown on top of the hero header image (frozen ice, snowflakes etc).
  • New Feature: Winter themed graphics in post backgrounds.
  • Various general improvements throughout to styling, performance and overall warmer color appearance.
  • Moono Lisa (CKEditor theme) updated to 4.21.0.


New Settings

Midwinter Site Titles tab:

  • Added settings to skew Site Title and Strap-line text.
  • Added setting Use Midwinter-styled User Menu - Apply the color gradient styling to the User Menu so all header elements match.
  • Added setting Disable User Menu Seperators? - Removes the vertical bars between menu items in the User Menu.

Midwinter Fonts tab:

  • Added setting Main Font (Headlines): Select from a list of 80 curated Google Fonts to use for headlines, headings and titles.
  • Added setting Secondary Font (Body): Select a secondary Google Font to use for paragraphs and body text.
  • Added setting Additional royalty-free hero background images to choose from. Added small and medium sized versions automatically displayed on phones and tablets.
  • WebP images now served by default so redundant setting to display WebP removed.
  • Added 2 new file upload fields for uploading small and medium Custom Background Images. Shown automatically to visitors.
  • Added 5 new and optional transparent overlay images that are shown on top of the hero header (ice, snowflakes etc).
  • Added animated progress bars (until next badge).
  • Added third optional color setting for candy-cane stripe progress bars
  • Added optional pure CSS Christmas Lights. Optionally change the color of the wiring and lamp holders, light color modes (traditional colors or modern) and switch on/off.
  • Added additional varied settled snow accumulations to widgets and throughout areas of the community suite including various Buttons, Forum and Pages categories, Search, Blogs, Calendars and Gallery.

Countdown settings moved to own tab.

  • Added 5 new settings for Chatbox plugin by OpenType, so that you can conveniently change the colors specifically for this this theme, as opposed to in the Chatbox settings for every theme you have installed or in some cases hard-coded colors: Chatbox - Overide Chatbox Rules Background, Chatbox - Overide Rules Link Color, Chatbox - Overide Message Background, Chatbox - Overide Message Color and Chatbox - Overide Message Border Area. Missing padding from the Chatbox rules pop up is also added.
  • Added several new settings and improvements to the optional Countdown which now has its own settings tab:
  • Show Countdown on Phones? Will hide the countdown on small screen devices.
  • Limit Countdown to Default App? You can now opt to have a countdown only on your main community home page.
  • Added setting Countdown Title - Positioning: You can now optionally show the goal of the countdown below the digits, ideal when using a title worded such ‘until New Year’ or leave it above the digits as before.
  • Added 3 settings Countdown Title - Animation Style with 9 animation effects, Animation Delay and Animation Count.
  • Added 5 settings for Countdown Celebration Emoji: Choose 5 large emoji to show when the Countdown Target is reached to supplement your target reached message.
  • Added setting Countdown Title - Disable forced uppercase? The Countdown is normally styled in uppercase. Disabling this can make a selected handwriting-style font (such as Pinyon Script) more legible and easier to read. (Default: Disabled)
  • Added 2 setting Enable Countdown Drop Shadows. Applies drop shadows in chosen color to Countdown content which can enhance text visibility, in particular with some color and image combinations. Improves on the text-stroke outlines setting.
  • Added setting Countdown Outline - Width. If the new Countdown Drop Shadows setting is disabled and if this width is not 0 (for none), this setting adds a text stroke outline for all Countdown area elements. Dropshadows provide a nicer appearance.


Midwinter Advanced tab:

  • Added setting Overide IPS Outline Border Color. This can be used to change the normally hardcoded ipsOutline border color of #1a202c where it appears.
  • Added settings Widgets (Horizontal) - Spacing. Can be used to normalize the spacing between horizontally positioned widgets improving consistant spacing.
  • Added Widgets (Vertical) setting for Sidebar widget spacing. Some default and third party widgets have inconsistent gaps between them.
  • Added setting Midwinter Spoilers & Quotes - Border Color. Midwinter improves the look of these content items including Code blocks.
  • Added setting Midwinter Spoilers & Quotes - Background Color
  • Added setting External Cookie Script Code: Using an external cookie management script?
  • Enter the provided code snippet including the script tags OR leave this blank to disable.
  • The script if provided will then be loaded first in the source code head, to ensure it can control third party scripts such as Google Analytics etc.
  • Renamed  2 settings to Preload Midwinter Headings Font and Preload Midwinter Google Body Font:  With the new expanded list of up to 80 Google Fonts, Mountains of Christmas for headings and Inter for body text are no longer relevant.

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